Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss A

Last Tuesday was Miss A's birthday and on Saturday we had a slumber party for her and some friends. I found a cake idea on Pinterest that I wanted to try. It wasn't as successful as I had hoped, but I know why. I need to make my own icing instead of relying on that crap in the can.

I took a 13x9 sheet cake and cut in half to make a double layered cake. After frosting it, I took the number 12, which I cut using the font on "Life's A Party" and put it in place. Then I added a ton of sprinkles.

After I removed the numbers this is what the cake look like. The only think that matters is she loved it. So happy 12th birthday Miss A!!

Stay crafty.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Birthday Cupcakes - Witches Hat

What did I do last weekend? Well I baked and decorated 30 cupcakes for a special birthday party. Some of my coworkers have come to know me as the "crafty" lady. If it requires an ounce of creativity, then I'm the go-to person. I don't mind. It makes me have to do stuff I would otherwise put off. 

I was given a photo to replicate and although I went the cheap route and used canned frosting instead of making my own, I think these came out cute. Here's the recipe:

2 boxes of White Cake mix (use oil and water measurements from box)
15 drops of orange food coloring (I used Wiltons, because that's what I had one hand)
1 can of white vanilla frosting (or whatever flavor you like as long as it's white)
10 drops of yellow food coloring (for decorating the top)

- Prepare cupcakes by directions on box
- Add orange food coloring to batter and mix well
- Once cupcakes have cooled, mix yellow food coloring with icing and frost using a star tip to "create" hair

Witches Hat
24 Sugar Cones (they should be over by the ice cream)
2 Bags of Chocolate Melting Wafer (in the candy section of your craft store, the AC Moore brand works better)
20 drops of black food coloring (Again, I used Wiltons) **
Black sugar **

**Wear some gloves while assembling the cones, black food coloring and black sugar will stain hands for a day ;-)

- Melt chocolate as directed on packaging. I used my microwave
- Mix in food coloring to create a darker chocolate
- Roll sugar cone in melted chocolate, then roll in sugar.
- Set on a sheet of wax paper to dry
- I used some orange frosting to write the "10" on each cone, but you can decorate to your liking
- Once dry, stick on top of the cupcakes

These were a huge hit! Even the parents were fighting over the cupcakes. The funniest part, watching the kids run around with black lips and fingers. I bet their parents loved me!!

Stay Crafty

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hi Crafty Friends,

My apologies for being MIA. It's been a crazy few weeks around here. Between taking some time off to vacation down in WV with my family and filling Etsy orders, I didn't even realize that we are halfway through the month of October. 

I just wanted to share a quick photo of the 72 pirate chest invitations I finished up last night. They are on their way to Toronto later today. YAY!!

Stay Crafty