Saturday, November 5, 2011

Flea Market

So I braved the cold weather and did a flea market today. Big bust!! I didn't sell anything until the end. A bike, which some actually wanted me to sell for like $10. Um, it's brand new and a $200 Diamondback BMX, don't think so. I also sold my 2 altered notebooks for $10. These two little girls wanted them so badly, so I took $1 off each.

Guess next time, I'll stick with my gut and do a craft show. Sigh. Since I've gotten home, I've been trying to warm up from the cold. Catching up on my DVRd shows. No crafting today.

What are you up to today my crafty friends?

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  1. Hey, i just did a craft show today..i will be there again tomorrow. Didn't do too bad, was glad i sold some cards..they do much better than flea markets...have a good one.

  2. Hello Natasha,well for me I just hung around the house look at some paper pack that I had. That all no craft for me today! Thank for stopping by and become a follower!