Friday, June 8, 2012

Crafting Hiatus Over (Hopefully)

Wow, I didn't even realize that it had been a month since I last posted on the blog. Have you missed me. Yeah, I know you probably didn't even know that I was gone. Last month I backed away from a lot of things due to my stomach and I just hate how much of an effect that it has on me. I put my Etsy shop in vacation mode, I stashed my cricut, I was just MIA. Now that summer is approaching, things are going to be even more crazy around here. My sister is up for the summer from Georgia. Miss A will be going to summer camp. There's my Etsy shop, the baby showers, wedding showers, and the fact that I still need to craft. I made time tomorrow to do some crafting. That's it. I have no other option. I have a huge order of 100 birthday invitations and 35 thank you cards. Funny how when you have the pressures of a deadline, you get your butt moving. Ok, enough of the rant. I'll be back to posting projects soon. PROMISE!!

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