Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Blog Award

Good Morning Bloggers,

I was given an award from the fabulously talented Diana L. over at D.L. Art. Thank you so much Diana.

Here are the rules for this award..
1.Send a thank you to the person who nominated you and include their link.
2. To accept this award, I had to answer 7 random facts about me.
3. Pass the award on to at least 8 other awesome blog buddies.

Here are my 7 random facts:
1. I haven't crafted in almost a month
2. I have an obsession with Bath & Body Works
3. I'm a couch potato
4. I took Latin and French in high school, but don't speak either
5. I'm half German and don't speak that either
6. I've always wanted to visit Asia and a Pacific Island nation (doesn't really matter which one)
7. I want to take a 12 day Mediterranean cruise

I'm passing this award onto these blogs:
1. Judy @ Crafty JAR
2. Valerie @ The Best is Yet to Be
3. Nicole @ Teachdanz
4. Misty Rose @ Sweet Magnolia Rose

I will come back and add some more blogs soon.

Stay Crafty


  1. Thanks Natasha :-)
    So sweet of you to think ofme.

  2. Congrats, Natasha! You are a *berry* sweet blogger :)

  3. thank you Natasha:-) congrats to you too!! I am posting as anonymous cuz I still have trouble with blogger from time to time