Thursday, December 8, 2011

A diaper cake for baby shower

So I've been seeing them everywhere, all over Pinterest, Etsy, the blogiverse, etc. The diaper cake. I hate given gifts that never get used or returned, so this was the perfect option. I picked up a pack of newborn diapers ($10), 2 packs of washcloths ($2), some travel sized baby powder and lotion ($4), and a set of binkies ($3).

I rolled each diaper and secured them with a small rubber hairband. Then started making the bottom layer. Once I felt I had it big enough I secured the whole layer with a piece of yarn. Next time I will use a BIG rubber band!! I did this for the next two layers too. In between the layers I placed white tulle.

I rolled each washcloth to look like roses and secured them with rubber bands, then stuffed them around the two top layers.

I tied the binkies around the ribbon. For the topper I used my New Arrivals cartridge and cut the stork at 5 inches twice, flipping one layer. I then cut the baby at 2.25 inches.

Well what do you think? It's not a complete failure, but there is room for improvement.

Well I'm off to try on my holiday party dress and make sure it still fits, LOL.

Stay crafty

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  1. It's great! I've made several diaper cakes, and while rolling is the popular style, you might like this one better,

    I ended up responding to the video with a short (very short) clip of the 1st diaper cake I completed. It doesn't have all the finished stuff on it, but it came out so well. I hope you'll check it out.

  2. I love making these. I've done this several times and it's always a great hit at a baby shower. You can do this for wedding showers too - dishcloths, pot holders, utensils, etc. Here's a link to the last diaper cake I made... a single layer one.
    You did an awesome job and I'm sure it will be used!!

  3. I love the little stork on top of your cake!