Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Updated: Enabler Alert!!

Update: There seems to be some concerns about the validity of the website mentioned below. I will keep you updated on my personal experience with them. For now, I will ask you to make your own judgement before placing an order.

Thanks to Janice over at Cricutology for providing me with a reason to get MORE cartridges.

Over at Scrap N Save, there are a few really good deals on carts. I got Storybook for 5.99, Just Because Cards for 3.99, 3 Birds on Parade for 4.99, Everyday Paper Dolls for 3.99, 2 12x12 Mats for 5.59, and the best part...a Cuttlebug for 14.99.

I think I got a really good deal on everything, but I'm super excited about the Cuttlebug. They also have a couple of the Disney carts for less than $10. Go over there right now!! Check them out!!

Stay Crafty (and on budget)


  1. OMG, GREAT tip!! I just ordered a bunch of stuff, I hope the site is safe, I've never ordered from them before but, I took my chance. Thanks for the tip!! I'm your newest follower!

  2. Thanks for sharing!!! I was reading on Janice's blog that the store could be closing! I took a risk and placed an order!!! We shall see!!!

    Thanks again for sharing!

    ~ Lynda