Friday, April 1, 2011

The Scrap Cave

Ok, so I decided I would give you a little tour of my scrap cave (aka: the basement). It's nothing much, nothing to gawk about. It's just my little corner of solitude, down in the cold basement next to my water heater and bicycles. LOL.

My Cricut Corner / Stash Tower
Utilizing Wall Space

This thing hold paper, stickers, pens, and all kinds of stuff
Did I mention I knit and crochet too?
Oh yeah, it's full and that's not even all of it 

When I started scrapbooking, oh so many years ago, all of my things fit into a bin about the size of the one above. I've come so far!! These photos were taken after I had organized a little bit. I'm hoping to upgrade my paper storage soon. The Cropper Hopper works well for now, but it's really hard when you want to go somewhere and need to take your paper. In the second picture, you'll notice a little container with a blue lid. That thing holds a LOT. I was able to put my tools, even my ATG, and carts/booklets in here when I went to the crop.

So next time I mention the cave, you now have a mental image to associate with it. It's not as fancy as some that I've seen. But it's all me!! How about you share your space with us too!

Stay crafty (even in a drafty, 70s throwback basement)


  1. I love how you hang your ribbon spools. I may just ditch my silly expensive unit and try what you're doing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I was in the bzsement also until my husband decided to remodel, then I was all over. I over took the "dining room" that we never used. A woman NEEDS her place to craft! Best of luck and keep crafting!

  3. I love how you are making the most of a small space! Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! I now follow you =)

  4. I remember when all my craft stuff (I knit, cross-stitch, and paint pecan resin too) fit in one dresser. When I found paper crafting, I filled a closet, then two closets. My dh & I had to move to a bigger house :) Then we had a bonus room over our garage and I had a corner of that room and one of the walk-in closets in that room. Now we are in our third home and I have a whole room in my basement and a full closet *sigh*

  5. my craft space is in my cold basement too. lol! love love what u did with the ribbon.

  6. I have the green Cricut, too! My two favorite colors are orange and green (but not together~lol). You have the cutest creations. I found you through KAndrews Linking party~she's so awesome!!