Friday, March 11, 2011

A.C. Moore 9.99 Cartridges/JoAnn's DCWV Stacks 50% off

Ok so why didn't anyone tell me that A.C. Moore had cartridges for $9.99? Here I was, happy that I didn't go cart crazy this month (yes, I know it's still early) and I was looking through the ads that I missed this week. There at the bottom of page 2 was the hidden ad. Stand and Salute, Jubilee, Home Decor, and Simply Sweet.

I grew up an Army brat. 100%. My stepfather retired in 2002 after he returned from Iraq. That's 22 years of duty stations, photos, and memories. I think Stand and Salute is a must have for anyone that has service members in their family.

I can't wait to get started. The sale runs until tomorrow, but I would advise calling your local store(s) before running out to get something that might not be there.

Also, when did A.C. Moore stop price matching? JoAnn's has their entire collection of DCWV paper stacks 50% off. It says that they are a web deal only...but I haven't made it out to my local store to see if they are having the same sale in the brick and mortar.

I'm so in love with the Far East and Cafe Mediterranean.

Stay Crafty

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