Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Girl Frame

Good evening bloggies,

As I sit here watching Glee, I thought I would post my project that I just completed. A friend of mine is having her third baby this month. After two super adorable boys, she's having a girl.

I wanted to send her something she could put in her daughter's room. I still need to go out and buy a frame, but here's the part that will be inside the frame.

What do you think? I cut the squares at 2 inches and arranged them randomly. The B-A-B-Y are cut at 1.75 inches from the Don Juan cartridge. The outfit and carriage were both cut at 3 inches. Everything else was cut at 2 inches. All the other cuts are from New Arrivals.

Well that's all for now.

Stay crafty

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  1. I sooooooooooooo love this! Its suppperrrr cute:)

  2. That came out great!! The little outfit on the hanger is just too dang cute! I've had two little boys in my family born in the last year. I have a friend pregnant and we're all hoping for a girl :)