Thursday, May 19, 2011

Needs Organizational Help

Good Afternoon Bloggers,

I'm seeking a little help from the blogiverse. Every Sunday I start a list of challenges that I want to enter and add to it each day when another challenge comes along that I want to enter. Well as you can imagine, my list is getting a little out of control. So I wanted to ask you wonderful ladies, how in the world do you keep up? Is there a one-size-fits-all approach?

Any suggestions are welcomed. Maybe you have a stellar spreadsheet, a handy dandy notebook, or 1 million sticky notes. I'm open to anything.

Stay Crafty (& organized)


  1. I have the same issue. I don't keep up...I just see what inspires me in my blog reader and go with that. I tried writing down all the challenges and what day of the week they announce their challenge, but that has only helped a bit. There are new challenges coming (and going) all the time! I was just talking to my girlfriend yesterday about this very issue. I was thinking of going through my blog reader and only following my FAVORITE challenges. Not sure if any of this is helpful to you, Natasha. Let me know what you decide!

  2. Blogging is very addicting and fun but it can also be a bit overwhelming. I decided that I can't keep up! Instead of stressing myself out, I just do my thing: a card, layout,etc. If it fits into one of the challenges then I enter it. I have found that some of my creations qualify for several challenges, so i enter them and make sure I mention them on my post. So....maybe go thru and see what challenges have elements in common and create based on that so you can make one creation but use it on multiple challenges. I hope that helps. I don't know about you but I do this cause it's fun not to get overwhelmed. Enjoy!
    Esigmon at cox dot net

  3. Well i'm with you girl....i follow so many that i can't get them straight either. I make a card, go go a couple blogs that say challenge in title and go to them to see if my card fits....if not i just post anyway, i had fun making it that's all that counts and hope my followers pop in and say

  4. HI, I keep challenges in a notebook orginized by day and date. That way I can cross off ones that I enter and then just cross out that day when it is over.