Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crafty Friends

Hey everyone,

Today has been super busy. I had an appointment with a new GI today. It went so much better than my old doctor. I think this medical relationship will work out much better for everyone involved. I swung by Micheal's today. I made up for all the non-shopping I've been doing. Picked up quite a few things:

Pink Ott-Lite (On sale for $20)
MS Drippy Goo punch (On sale for 40% off)
Wiggly Eyes (I'm hooked now!!)
...and I can't remember what else

I love watching other people get the crafty bug. A dear friend of  mine had her 3 child back in February. It was her first girl. She started making bows a few months back and has really gotten into the swing of things. Please go check out her Facebook page, The Fancy Olive. If you like the page, you can get 10% off your order. Let her know that Natasha sent you. Not that I get any special credit or kudos. I just want her to know that I support her endeavor and am wishing her the best of luck!!

Stay Crafty

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