Monday, October 17, 2011

Meet Me on Monday #53


1.  The thing that scares me the most is __________?
I know this may sound a little cheesy, but I'm terrified of being alone. Not alone like for a couple of hours or a couple of days. But getting old and being alone. No one there to be with. No one to end my time on Earth with. Even with all the people that I know and that I consider friends, that's what scares me the most.
2.  Do you like nuts in your Chocolate Chip cookies?
Sometimes, but I'm not a big fan of chocolate chip cookies anyway.
3.  If you couldn't change the channel, what tv show would drive you from the room?
I get sucked into so many shows that are truly awful, but I think I would have to leave if The Martha Stewart show was on. Now don't get me wrong, the woman is a creative mastermind and I love her stuff, but shouldn't someone have tested her personality. It's like watching paint dry on a rainy day.
4.  Pulp or no pulp in your Orange Juice?
No pulp. I don't want to eat what I'm drinking. Personally, I hardly ever drink OJ. It upsets my stomach really bad, too acidic. I prefer a nice ice cold glass of Apple Juice, Iced Tea, or Lemonade.
5.  Who do you miss the most?
The days of simplicity. You know those days when the most you had to worry about was what you were going to wear to school and how you should style your hair. Be responsible for a house, bills, job, etc just takes a lot out of you. To be free of all the cares in the world for just a little while, that's what I miss.

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  1. my son made that same statement he is a jr in college and this year we have him totally on his own he has a job and lives in the dorms etc... but we only help if we have to and he made the statement he wants to go back to the days of no budget and where mom would make everything ok I think we all would come see me at